Working with the Akashic Records gives you an opportunity to find insight into your deepest questions. For anyone seeking support in deepening their understanding of their soul's purpose, moving through life's challenges, shifting old patterns, or evolving into the next stage of your life, the records can be a tool of guidance and reflection. 

"As soon as one is in the presence of Diva, an open and perceptive energy is felt. Approaching my Akashic Reading with Diva with an open mind and heart allowed us to quickly enter a connected space, a space of intuition and unarticulated wisdom. Diva spoke of things I had not yet mentioned to her but that had been true to me. She is conscious of the effect of her every word yet flows through her expression gracefully and clearly. Her words reassured me of my inner world and gave me confidence to pursue my dormant goals. I look forward to more sessions with Diva and highly recommend her readings!"


        - Noemi Randono

"Diva’s gifts are far reaching beyond this world. Her incredible gentle spirit is gracefully magnetic and so safe. I had no idea what to expect in having my Akashic Records read, as it was my first time, but Diva’s access was so profoundly detailed and deep I feel forever changed by the experience in the best way. Better and more personally helpful and illuminating than any other tarot reading or intuitive healing experience! If you have the opportunity, I can’t recommend having your records read by Diva with any more enthusiasm or sincerity!"


       - Harman Holiday

I am currently taking a hiatus from offering Akashic Readings. Please follow me on instagram @divainparadise    for   updates.