What are the Akashic Records


The records are similar to a universal consciousness, containing the energetic imprint of all information past, present, as well as future possibilities. Through the Pathway Prayer process, in which I am trained, we access the records through a spiritual team assigned to you called your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. They hold an unconditional love for you that is often felt just by opening your records. We are also able to ask for guidance in the matters of our lives, in order to understand our life’s journey, purpose, lessons, and potential. By accessing this database of knowledge, information, and love, we can gain new perspective and insight. 


How To Prepare for your Reading


        Please prepare your questions ahead of time. I suggest having a few top priority questions, and then a few extra questions in case there is time. The records are able to offer insight as well as explore future possibilities, however you have your own agency to decide the outcomes in your life. How, What or Why questions tend to bring the most fruitful information. For example, instead of asking “should i leave my job for another opportunity”, we can ask what are the outcomes of each decision, what is to be gained from each situation, how would each situation serve your life’s journey and what lessons are to be learned in each situation. If you are having trouble framing your questions, I can always help you during our session. With this deeper insight, perspective and information, you are free to make the choice that feels right to you. This process will be a collaboration between you and I, so it helps if you come to the session with the expectation of being an active player in the excavation of your self and your life. 

Book A Session

I am available for 30, 45 and 60 minute video sessions through Zoom. I will send you a copy of an audio recording of our video session. Please include your full name and preferred pronouns with your booking. (a note on names. If your current legal name is triggering to you, we can use your chosen name. however sometimes it is helpful to include both, as long as you are comfortable.) 

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"My reading with Diva was unlike any other interaction I've had with her. After the records were open she told me things about myself and my life that very few people know. She described my higher self exactly as I have also seen them. She told me information about my soul's purpose that was a little hard to hear, but resonated with me as truth to be understood. This reading showed me higher realm truths but it didn't stop there. Diva also provided me with an action plan to move forward. I can truly say this is one of the best, most helpful readings I've ever gotten. I will definitely go back for more answers in the future." 

        -Unicole Unicron

"Diva’s gifts are far reaching beyond this world. Her incredible gentle spirit is gracefully magnetic and so safe. I had no idea what to expect in having my Akashic Records read, as it was my first time, but Diva’s access was so profoundly detailed and deep I feel forever changed by the experience in the best way. Better and more personally helpful and illuminating than any other tarot reading or intuitive healing experience! If you have the opportunity, I can’t recommend having your records read by Diva with any more enthusiasm or sincerity!"


       - Harman Holiday