What are the Akashic Records


The records are similar to a universal consciousness, containing the energetic imprint of all information past, present, as well as future possibilities. Through the Pathway Prayer process, in which I am trained, we access the records through a spiritual team assigned to you called your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. They hold an unconditional love for you that is often felt just by opening your records. We are also able to ask for guidance in the matters of our lives, in order to understand our life’s journey, purpose, lessons, and potential. By accessing this database of knowledge, information, and love, we can gain new perspective and insight. 


How To Prepare for your Reading


        Please prepare your questions ahead of time. I suggest having a few top priority questions, and then a few extra questions in case there is time. The records are able to offer insight as well as explore future possibilities, however you have your own agency to decide the outcomes in your life. How, What or Why questions tend to bring the most fruitful information. With this deeper insight, perspective and information, you are free to make the choice that feels right to you. This process will be a collaboration between you and I, so it helps if you come to the session with the expectation of being an active player in the excavation of your self and your life. We require your full name and preferred pronouns to access your records. We can use a combination of your legal name and chosen name, or if your current legal name is triggering in any way, we can use your chosen name. 


Book A Session


I am available for 30, 45 and 60 minute in person video sessions through Zoom. I will send you a copy of an audio recording of our video session. I also offer channelled messages available through email

I am currently taking a hiatus from offering Akashic Readings. Please follow me on instagram @divainparadise    for   updates.