Yialmelic Energy Healing


In-Person Session: combines Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Yialmelic Energy Healing, and Flower Brushing. Yialmelic Energy Healing is a remembered healing modality channeled from the Yialmelic Dimension and is a collaborative reforming of energetic resonance structures within your being. While I am participating in this on an energetic level, I am also receiving a visual interpretation of the process which I relay to you out loud during the session. During Flower Brushing, I gently and lovingly stroke your body with flowers. 

1-1.5 hours  $100

Distance Session: In a distance session I can either video chat with you and do a live Yialmelic Energy Healing or create a video with your Yialmelic Energy Healing. 

15-20 minutes   $50

Reiki Session (also includes guided meditation and sound healing)

1 hr


I am available for a set number of sliding scale sessions each month. Please contact me to discuss.

Contact:    divainparadise@gmail.com


"I had an awesome session with Diva. I came in feeling a little drained and fatigue and left feeling more charged and in a higher frequency . she composed the beautiful soundscapes that play lightly in the background and it's the perfect backdrop as her playful, imaginative guided meditation transports you to another dimension. Her delicate warm hands have a powerful healing energy that awakens the senses. I would definitely come back for another session". TIffany P